GÖktug Kral Founder, The Future 3D & Joseph Ghaida, Designer, Founder, Animate Lot
“BYTE SIZED BUILDINGS – The Trans-Virtual Space”

On April 21, 2022 LAI New York Chapter held a very technology centered real estate meeting with guest speakers GÖKTUG KRAL Founder, The Future 3D, and Joseph Ghaida, Designer, Founder, Animate Lot. Special thanks to LAI’s very own Derek Tynan from OLA Consulting Engineers for providing two outstanding speakers. They both discussed image capture and 3D design creation for real estate showing how buildings can be presented to introduce ideas and possibilities to clients and architects. Our audience was enlightened by the use of laser and drone technology used to capture real life building plans that are normally lost in ordinary computer generated architect drawings. The meeting was well attended with guests from Baltimore, Washington DC and Toronto.