We host programs with a speaker addressing a timely topic, and engaging discussion. The discussions are just as informative and stimulating as the presentations, given that the unique audience of highly knowledgeable “land economics” experts with diverse interests and perspectives. These programs and networking meetings provide continuing opportunities for chapter members to stay abreast and develop and nurture personal friendships and business relationships with other members and invited guests.

We encourage you to invite guests by sharing the registration link with those who are good candidates for LAI membership. Visit our website or LinkedIn Page. Remember LAI NY members are welcome at the meetings of any of the 25 worldwide LAI chapters. Here are all the upcoming LAI Programs.

Getting our e-Communications?

Since we started sending you our Chapter e-communications through Mailchimp we want to be sure you are getting them. If you are not getting our emails and event invitations here are a couple of suggestions:
• Please add our email address to your contact list or address book. The emails will typically be sent by LAI New York Chapter [email protected]
• If you have already added our contacts in your address book, but are still not receiving our communications, please check your spam filter settings to be sure that our content and/or address isn’t blocked.

Lambda Alpha International (LAI) is an honorary, networked international association for distinguished professionals in all fields related to the use and development of land. LAI is committed to promoting best practices and making a difference in our communities. The 2,200-plus members of LAI make valuable connections locally and with peers worldwide. LAI has a growing network of 25 Chapters in North America, Europe, and Asia that offer a variety of programs with top speakers, relevant forums, and events where members engage in discussion and debate about land use, economic, and business issues that matter on a local level. The New York Chapter was formed in 1949.