LEF is a not-for-profit charitable foundation organized to administer an investment fund which provides grants for research projects related to land economics. Since 1965 LEF has committed capital (5% of assets) to a number of significant and worthwhile endeavors across the country on a matching basis with other non-profit entities.

General Purpose. This charitable Foundation is to create and administer a research and education Investment Fund to be held in perpetuity or until such fund is terminated pursuant to law. The purposes of this Investment Fund are:

  1. To encourage and support the study and application of land economics and to support the highest ideals of scholarship and integrity for all fields-professional, business, governmental and land economics affairs and academics in which it is practiced;
  2. To expand the universe of knowledge and understanding of the principles of land economics and encourage and support the application of such principles to both public policy and private endeavour;
  3. To provide grants for research projects relating to land economics which are approved or originated by the Board of Trustees; and
  4. To perform or facilitate such other projects and activities as will carry out the purposes enumerated above.

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