LAI is a member supported organization- it derives no other income other then the dues it’s members pay. We plan to solicit sponsorships to help offset expenses but are just beginning that process. Dues are used for the exclusive purpose of supporting all LAI programing and networking events.

As a member you are entitle to an explanation of where and how your dues money is spent.

Since the chapter has been “regenerated” we have kept our local component of the dues stable at a very modest $50/year. This year we are increasing it by $25 to $75.00 making your total annual dues $240.00.

The dues have been increased for two reasons.

1. Based on member feedback we decided to no longer charge members for refreshments at regular live meetings. The cost of these refreshments will now be covered by your dues.

2. We will now be maintaining a web site for the New York Chapter of Lambda Alpha International and there are certain ongoing costs for the web site which we must cover. We believe the web site and its content will be a significant benefit to our members.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact me at [email protected]

Jeff Beal