LAI New York Chapter held a special gathering on May 15, 2024 at Rizzoli Bookstore on Broadway and 26th Street, where our chapter’s very own Vice President Jason Barr released his new book Cities In The Sky: The Quest to Build the World’s Tallest Skyscrapers.  At this book launch gathering, Jason was interviewed by Konrad Putzier of The Wall Street Journal where he elaborated on the economics and stories surrounding some of the world’s tallest buildings and provided insight into the physical and financial requirements for buildings of this nature.

More than 100 real estate professionals, professors, students, and journalists were in attendance to join in the discussion.  We enjoyed entertaining our out-of-town LAI guests including International Vice President Craig Binning (Simcoe), Immediate Past President Gary Leach (Boston), Regional Vice President Susannah Bergmann (Baltimore), Assistant Regional Vice President Faroll Hamer (George Washington) as well as LAI Fellow Ian Lord (Simcoe), and a handful of members from the Baltimore and George Washington (DC) Chapters.

Thanks again to our sponsors: LAI International, Todd Hay from Pennoni Energy Consultants, Jeff Beal of Real Estate Solutions, and Michael Lappin of MLappin and Associates for helping make this event happen.

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Congratulations, Jason!